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"We are all Son's of Fate." dedicated to @goksinsennak

Once, my friends said to me; “You always think but you never decide what to do.” She said that I always choose let the time flow, let everything be as fate’s will. Infact, we both have another description of fate unlike other people. If you realize I used the word “description” not the “definition”, you can easily understand we are no like the religious people who have ultimate faith in fate
Decision. Decision. Decision. The key point to define our description… Some people believe in; the choices they make in the future have already been decided by a higher power than their will. Is that so? I won’t say “Ofcourse no, you idiot!” I prefer being polite and almost sarcastic by saying “No, you silly.”This belief directs you an idiom says “all rivers fall into the sea.” This brings us another questions with it, without any reasonable answers. “If the choice is already chosen, what is it Lord Almighty waiting for?” To believe in the existence of a serene power makes people confused. If another “thing” chooses the way I live (already), what is the point to live? 
Yes, my childs… I have to say it know, I admit! Yes, there is this high-glorious-creator-power, whatever you want to call, knows something about our lives. But it ain’t our decisions. Yes, he gave us a river, a river which has lots of tributary with it. Most of people think that they are water just because it is easier to swing wherever the road takes them. But me and The Big Guy-Up There have a better ideachoose that I am the little boat and I have the total control of it. 
Purpose. Purpose. Purpose. Our free will literally makes us free; free to turn left to choose bad, right to be good, go forward to forgive and forget, get back to revert. Then, what is the purpose of being in the water? He gave a river with a deep sea in the end of it. Reaching the deepness? Learning how to swim? Are those our ends? I absolutely don’t think so. They can be just means, means to get us where it is “decided to be, to happen”. 
This is my definition of fate; we have more than a billion choices to choose, ways to walk or run if we want. Weather we swim, we dive into the cold river; weather we choose to turn left or right, move forward or stay as we are, there is only-one-unique end waiting for us. 
So what? Why did I give up deciding? I guess I am just tired of swimming or swinging. I guess I give myself in the time which refers to wind in this bullshit. I always think, what it is waiting for me at the end, never decide what to do… I let the wind flow and let everything be as fate’s will.
Hello, My name is Paradox. Did we meet somewhere before?

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